Syrian refugees

The terrorists of the so called Islamic State (IS) are trying to conquer the Syrian border town Kobane by all means. They announced to exterminate the Kurdish people. Meanwhile nearly the whole population of Kobane fled to Turkey. More than 50,000 men, women and children from Syria are taken care of by the Kurdish local government of Suruç, a city of originally 50,000 inhabitants. On behalf of the Turkish government the Turkish red Halfmoon takes care of approximately 6,000 refugees.

Roland Geisheimer, Mark Mühlhaus

Kurds protest against IS

more than 10,000 Kurds in Hanover protest against the terror of ISIS in Iraq

Mark Mühlhaus

Job Cuts

Steelmaker Outokumpu (ex ThyssenKrupp Nirosta) plans to close the smelting works in Bochum.

Roland Geisheimer

Blockupy Action Days in Brussels

The protests against the Free Trade Agreement (TTIP) were suppressed by the police. About 250 demonstrators were arrested.

Roland Geisheimer

Living above the Coal

Dispatches from the Lausitz Brown Coal Fields

Mark Mühlhaus